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Nebula Homes (Pvt.) Ltd started this service in 2013 and now we have successfully passed 7 years over with more than 1000 client base in all around Sri Lanka. Our business is based with a team of experienced & professional designers. We provide Charted Architectural Plans, Structural Designs, 3D Designs, Estimate & BOQ, Council Approvals, Civil Construction, Architectural Designing, Planning & Estimating, Interior Designing, Landscaping, Land Developing, Design & Build and Renovations.

Our Designs

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  • Nebula Social Care Foundation - Distribution of dry food to the people affected by the corona menace.
  • New Year Event 2021
  • Nebula Social Care Foundation - Reconstruction of barbed wire fence around the playground of Kammalwatta Primary School.
  • On Going Site Mr.Amila (Hanwella)
  • On Going Site Dr.Tharaka (Diwulapitiya)
  • On Going Site Mr.Yamika (Katulanda)
  • On Going Site Mr.Ravindra (Kahathuduwa)
  • On Going Site Ms.Rasika (Weliweriya)
  • On Going Site Ms.Gayathri (Kirindiwita)
  • On Going Site Mr.P.D.Herath (Kadawatha)
  • On Going Site Mr.Anjula (Kandy)